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Our Clinic is located in modern downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Come visit us and find out how we can help you achieve your best possible health!

Meet Dr. Kelley

Learn more about Doctor Kelley Reis by visiting her “about” page. You will find that Dr. Kelley is a caring and highly qualified Naturopathic doctor with a wealth of experience to guide you in all your health decisions.

Our Services

The Natural Medicine Center of Raleigh offers Naturopathic Medicine as well as SIBO Testing, Physician-Supervised Weight Loss Program, local referrals for Chiropractic, and more! Go to our Services page for all the details.


Thermal imaging can assist with a more targeted diagnosis and treatment plan. Find out how Thermography can help you with your health plan decisions.

Welcome to The Natural Medicine Center of Raleigh


The Thermography Center of North Carolina!



                                 We are a full-service Natural Functional Medicine Clinic offering:


                                      Functional and Integrative Medicine for the Whole Family

                                                     Thermography/Digital Infrared Imaging

                                                     Chronic Stress and Hormonal Disorders

                                              Individualized Functional Nutrition/Dietary Plans

                                                       Posture Rehabilitation and Bodywork

                                          Physician Supervised, Natural Weight Loss Program

                                              Testing and Treatment for SIBO, IBS/IBD, Leaky Gut

                                                             Free 15 Minute Consultations



Additional Services

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General Services

Natural healthcare for the entire family. We have a wide range of general healthcare services!

SIBO and Testing

Find out what SIBO is and how you can correct this intestinal problem with our three-stage treatment plan.

Recommended Products

Explore the great products we recommend for a healthy lifestyle.
Thermography Center of Oregon
Thermography Center of Oregon

What is Thermography?

The human body has a very specific temperature pattern. Changes in this pattern, as a result of inflammation or disease, can be detected using thermal imaging.

Thermography or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is an adjunctive, non-invasive screening tool that uses a specialized camera to measure extremely subtle temperature changes on the skin’s surface that correlate physiologically to underlying dysfunction or pathology.


To find out more, click here to go to our Thermography Page!

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Who Would Benefit From Our Services?

At the Natural Medicine Center we listen to your concerns and work diligently to uncover underlying health issues.

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Dr. Kelley Reis

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